Throughout these years Coresoft Clínico has been awarded certificates for its professional activity.

Among others, the following are worth mentioning:

 From 1999 until now. Certificates for good performance.

The Coresoft Clínico projects have been accompanied by a certificate of good performance issued by the public or private organisation after checking that the work carried out was in accordance with what had been contracted.

  From 2004 until now. Auditing.

Coresoft Clínico has successfully passed various audits that cover such aspects as security, Data Protection Law (LOPD) or computer programs.  

  • 2010. External audit by the Data Protection Agency. Justice and Public Administration Council. Andalusia Regional Board.
  • 2009. Internal audit by the State-Owned Company of Emergency Care (EPES).
  • 2008. External audit by the State-Owned Company of Emergency Care (EPES) and Ariam-Andalucia carried out by Technology Platform (PTEC).
  • 2006. Internal audit by the State-Owned Company of Emergency Care (EPES).
  • 2005. External audit commissioned by the Andalusia Regional Health Council and carried out by the Andalusian School of Public Health.
  • 2004. External audit commissioned by Boehringer-Ingelheim Laboratories and carried out by the company IBM.

  From 2005 until now. Contracts.

In order to be assigned contracts with the Health Council of the Andalusia Regional Board, through state-owned companies (EPES and EASP), Coesoft Clínico has been submitting a deposit, which has been refunded to us two years after satisfactorily completing the contracted work. These reimbursements of the final guarantees prove that Coresoft Clínico has always accomplished what has been laid down and has exceeded contracted expectations.

Our statistics:

bullet54 register projects

bulletOver 1000 users

bulletOver 120 centres

bulletOver 20 grants and awards

bulletOver 150 publications

bulletImpact Factor Total: 86,0

bulletPresent in 10 countries

bulletOver 250.000 records


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"I am very impressed by the Registry and by the demonstration..."

Dr. Leo Bossaert, Advisory Committee. European Resuscitation Council (ERC)

"One of the essential virtues of the application is its powerful statistics tool"

User survey

"If the register is made by Coresoft Clínico, success is guaranteed"

Dr. Frutos del Nogal Sáez, Secretary of the Board of Directors. SEMICYUC

"My opinión on the new program is that it is fantastic, much more operational, much easier and practical to use"

Dr. Javier Merino Vega. ICU Axarquía (Málaga)

"Coresoft Clínico has managed to turn the difficult and complicated into the simple and complete"

Dr. Antonio Reina Toral, Head Physician and Manager of ICU. Virgen de la Nieves Hospital. Granada

"The tools from CoreTools enable a very high quality database"

Dr. Manuel Ruiz Bailén, Responsible for Ariam research. Assessor of scientific magazines

"We have had a hospital session with the results and the management has been left astounded"

Dr. Rocío Aragonés Manzanares, Responsible for ICU Xanit International (Benalmádena) and ICU Parque San Antonio Hospital (Málaga)

"You have done a great job"

Dr. Rocío Gómez Calvo. Xanit International Hospital (Benalmadena)

"This register is one of the best I've evaluated across Europe"

Jan-Thorsten Gräsner. Evaluator European Reanimation Registers. ERC

"The professionals must be proud for having designed this excellent computer tool which is available now"

Dr. Juan Miguel Torres Ruiz, Director of the Comprehensive Plan for the care of Andalusian Cardiopaths (PICA)

"The technical assistance is fast, efficient, very professional"

Dr. Eduardo Aguayo de Hoyos, ICU Virgen de la Nieves Hospital

"Simplicity. Perfect for interservice sessions (anaesthesia/cardiology/CCV(Heart Surgery Service)/ICU)"

User survey

"It is a brilliant tool, we save a lot of time, it is practical and very useful"

Dr. Ángel García Alcántara, Main Coordinator for the Ariam Andalusia platform

"Quite intuitive and flexible, being open to possible modifications"

User survey

"You have done a great job, it is intuitive and of a high quality, other suppliers can only dream of having your experience"

Dr. Rocío Aragonés Manzanares, Responsable for ICU Xanit International (Benalmádena) and the ICU Parque San Antonio Hospital (Málaga)

"Simple to use and easy to obtain statistical data, especially with the standard reports"

User survey

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